Panda & Friends

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Introducing Panda, and his best friends, Hammy and Harry.

Panda is a reckless kind of guy who doesn’t always know the difference between right and wrong and tends to get into trouble but has a sweet spot for his friends.

Then there’s Hammy, a structured and calculated fella who can seem frigid at times but loves cooking up a feast, posting on instagram and having his daily espresso.

And finally, Harry, the smallest one in the gang but the eldest in years and the only one that officially holds a legit driver’s license. Mostly grumpy and sleepy, he enjoys the comfort of being indoors, prying on others and browsing the internet to monitor neighbouring dogs’ social media accounts.

Panda & Friends is about the weird and unexpected stuff that life throws at us and how great friendships keep us grounded, staying true to who we are.


Panda is an outgoing entrepreneur, ready to take on a new business venture when the opportunity knocks at his doorstep. I guess you can say he’s an opportunist. Though Panda lacks good judgement in the decision-making department, he greatly enjoys taking big risks, especially when the reward tickles his pleasure senses. He’s definitely adventurous and enjoys having big, overrated parties.


Hammy is a quiet individual and very reserved. One may think he is shy or timid but don’t let these characteristics fool you since Hammy’s chosen profession is a hitman, which requires him to keep a low profile. He is meticulous about his craft and ensures the cleanliness of every job site. He loves cooking, especially when celebrating big feasts with friends.


Harry is an old dog, who tends to fall asleep at random moments. He definitely gets grumpy and has very low tolerance for nonsense behavior. He enjoys prying on others, especially other dogs since he claims he once was a spy in WWII and forgets there is no enemy to keep tabs on. And btw, Harry is a horrible driver, even if he believes otherwise.

© 2020 ‘Panda & Friends’

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