Panda & Friends

Panda & Friends

A passion project – self-initiated

Panda & Friends is an animated series comedy concept

about the value of friendship and the ups and downs of life.

a friendship sustained by love deep down even if it’s weird and random on the surface.

Introducing Panda, and his best friends, HaRRy the dog and HaMMy the hamster

… and also handyman squeaky the squirrel.


Panda is living a reckless life and continuously making poor life decisions for himself when the universe decides to hand him an olive branch. Harry, his best friend from childhood, suddenly calls out of nowhere, asking for help, since he is struggling to make rent and to keep his finances above water. Panda agrees to help out his old friend and recruits another childhood friend, Hammy, to come along for the ride. Together they embark on the journey of living together under one roof, in a cookie-cutter neighbourhood, where most animals acting like humans are set in their ways and shamelessly not caring what they may think of their antics.

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