An app development project to build a custom authoring tool in-house FROM SCRATCH TO BETTER SERVE

customer expectations by enhancing the learning experience. 

A small team of programmers, designers and business analysts, WHICH INCLUDED MYSELF

as designer as well as Project Manager,

came together to bring to life a roadmap of feature enhancing opportunities

and improvements to departmental processes.

The intent of the project was to streamline in-house development of self-paced and instructor-led content by having a central hub, easily accessible regardless of location, that created a more collaborative process for the roles involved in bringing information together and provide a more consistent and refined product for our customers.

The objective of the project was to:

  • meet content development needs and adhere to each role involved [SME, instructional designer, media developer, editor]
  • develop a scorm compliant, web friendly and device responsive product offering to satisfy customer expectations

Cleo launch video* introducing the 1st release of the application

*Art direction, video editing and sound : Barbara Rosini

*Animation of letters & logo: Dylan Goddard

*Curtain intro and word motion design: Anton Kassimov

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