Character Design

Panda is the first character I truly believed in and committed myself to develop a persona for, with many iterative versions to capture his look. In developing this character, I had the opportunity to discover my capabilities in character expressions and movements, which i learnt through this process, never having had prior experience in this domain.

Tools used:

Hand drawn in pencil as well as with Adobe Fresco to create still colour illustrations of the character.

Also created vector versions with Adobe Illustrator and layered character features [eyes, mouth, hair, …] as well as his ligaments [arm, hands, legs, …] to facilitate animating expressions and movements as a GIF output using Adobe Photoshop, frame-by-frame.

Though my skills are a work-in-progress, i am immensely passionate about cartoon characters and storytelling through character creation. I believe it’s never too late to do anything one is passionate about and i am willing to go through the sweat and tears. 😅

With the right mentors and help along the way, i believe my Panda character will be a guy everyone will get to know and love. 😉 [check out the Animated Series Pitch page]