Character Design

Character Design

A character study of Panda, a charismatic fella who likes to have fun and try all kinds of new things. Worked on different iterations of the character and using different techniques to establish the look and personality traits.
Shown are, a 360 view, animated expressions and attitude, a walk and some poses.

Tools used:

Hand drawn in pencil as well as with Adobe Fresco to create still colour illustrations of the character.

Also created vector versions with Adobe Illustrator and layered character features [eyes, mouth, hair, …] as well as his ligaments [arm, hands, legs, …] to facilitate animating expressions and movements as a GIF output using Adobe Photoshop, frame-by-frame.

I am immensely passionate about cartoon characters and storytelling through character creation. I believe it’s never too late to do anything one is passionate about and i am currently developing this character further along with others in a story that captures the essence of my personality along with some fun humour.