Book Illustration: ‘The Power of Joy’

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Ever

Written by Kelley Cunningham – Published by FriesenPress

A book offering practical tips and tools to living your best life and mapping the power of joy through both inspirational and essential encouragement.

Each chapter has an illustration that depicts the overall concept of each analogy and story shared by the author. 

Book released in 2022 and available for purchase! (follow @joyinc1)

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19 illustrations were commissioned for this project. Created with pencils in tonal greys on paper, sized to fit 5.5×8.5in.

Chapter 2 – The Ripple Effect of Joy

Chapter 12 – Present Moment Mindset

Chapter 3 – Warrior Spirit

Chapter 6 – Peacefulness


★★★★★ Sep 2021 by Kelley Cunningham from JoyINC

Illustrations for ‘The Power of Joy’ book

Rosinib exceeded my expectations in creativity, professionalism collaboration & consistency, work with her was delightful. I am so grateful & very proud to have her incredible imaginative illustrations in my book. Very easy to give a glowing recommend and would absolutely think of Rosinib FIRST for any future projects.