Application Development

Web-based authoring tool

™Bombardier Inc.

I had the pleasure to plan, develop and launch a web application authoring tool from the ground up during my time at Bombardier, in our aircraft training division, working under multiple roles and gaining experience in a domain that was new for the company as well as for myself. 

The intent of the project was to facilitate in-house development of self-paced and instructor-led content as well as unify the approach to deploy that content to students whether on the web via LMS or with instructor support. 

The objective of the project was to:

  1. develop a web-based application for content development that met the needs of each role involved in the process [SME, instructional designer, media developer, editor] and allow them to accomplish their task of creating industry compliant content.
  1. develop a scorm compliant, web friendly and device responsive output that met the needs of paying customers who registered to get their accreditation to fly or maintain Bombardier airplanes via industry compliant courses offered by the company. 

My role evolved throughout the lifecycle of the project. I participated in developing the project idea and requirements with a small group of dedicated individuals in its early beginnings. I contributed to the brand identity of the tool and the design of the UI/UX. I got involved in the researching of new tools and technologies that could fit the evolving needs of stakeholders. And finally, acted as Product Owner, while overseeing all areas of the development work.

Below you will find some screen shots of the authoring tool which is a trademark tool of Bombardier aerospace and is solemly used on this site as a portfolio reference of work i have done and collaborated with others to accomplish.  

The images showcase elements of the brand identity, iconography and user experience i helped develop and create. You’ll also see the animated login page for the tool which i created using the Edge Animate tool, in HTML format, newly launched at the time (2011) by Adobe but then discontinued sometime in 2015-2016.

™Bombardier Inc.