Animated Series Pitch


Panda & Friends is an animated series concept about the value of friendship as the characters navigate the trials and tribulations of life.

Introducing Panda, and his best friends, Hammy and Harry.

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Panda is living a reckless life and continuously making poor life decisions for himself when the universe decides to hand him an olive branch and allow him to see the goodness that lives within his heart.

Harry, his best friend from childhood, suddenly calls out of nowhere, asking for help, since he is struggling to make rent and to keep his finances above water. Panda agrees to help out his old friend and recruits another childhood friend, Hammy, to come along for the ride. Together they embark on an adventure of living together under one roof, in a colourful neighbourhood, at a point in mid-life, where most people are set in their ways and shamelessly not caring what other people think of their shenanigans.

Panda & Friends, a series sustained by friendship and love even if it’s weird and random on the surface 😉


Panda is an outgoing entrepreneur, ready to take on a new business venture when the opportunity knocks at his doorstep. I guess you can say he’s an opportunist. Though Panda lacks good judgement in the decision-making department, he greatly enjoys taking big risks, especially when the reward tickles his pleasure senses. He’s definitely adventurous and enjoys having big, overrated parties.


Hammy is a structured and calculated fella who can seem frigid at times but loves cooking up a feast, especially when celebrating big gatherings with friends. He is quiet and very reserved about his business dealings but has the reputation of being meticulous about his craft and ensures the cleanliness of every job site. He loves posting on instagram and is consistent with having many espressos on the daily.


Harry is an old dog, who tends to fall asleep at random moments and has recently been forced into early retirement due to undisclosed reasons. As he finds himself searching for life’s purpose, he attempts to deal with his anger issues and overall grumpy nature. He enjoys prying on others, especially neighbouring dogs and starts believing in his spare time that an enemy lurks, putting his safety in question.

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