Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. So glad you could come over and browse through my work! 

My journey into art did not take the conventional path but my passion is deeply rooted in creating and developing myself through the expression and visual communication of art. In my youth, I was greatly inspired by paintings of the Renaissance, Art Nouveau posters and Baroque architecture. I learned pencil and charcoal drawing on my own through mimicking and practicing and I discovered digital softwares and techniques from my degree in Illustration and Design.

I prefer creating illustrations that focus on female figures and i enjoy using symbolic approaches to composition. My love for kids illustrations really comes from enjoying the company of children and animals, and observing their genuine way of living life.

My professional career started in the corporate sector where I worked as a Technical Illustrator in the aerospace industry after finishing my studies in Illustration and Design. For 12 years, building content used for training, in an industry with strict standards and guidelines, I was able to lead teams on projects and work collaboratively with experts from different walks of life. For the last 5 years, I worked as Project Manager and Design Lead to create an authoring tool application, developed from the ground up. Application development was unknown to me at the time but i took the leap and had an exceptional experience with a wonderful, supportive team, which in turn provided professional and personal growth. During this time, i was able to learn HTML and CSS, grasp an understanding of all the layers involved in application development, gain appreciation for proper infrastructure setup and learn to balance the juggling act of managing client use cases while still trying to target company objectives. I learned invaluable skills and tools on the job that now allow me to make better decisions for my work and the growth of my career.

Now i embark on my next chapter where i follow my heart and finally take a chance on me, pursuing a freelance career in illustration. I am motivated to acquire opportunities in editorial, packaging, advertising and animation. 

I’m really excited about the journey i will be on, the people i’ll meet along the way, who will inspire me and the positive change i hope to bring into this world. 😊

Feel free to email me or fill out this contact form.