About Me

Hi! Welcome to my portfolio. So glad you could come over and browse through my work! 

My name is Barbara Rosini and I’m a professional illustrator, from Montreal Canada. I work in both traditional and digital techniques but these days I tend to focus on digital mediums. I enjoy using graphite pencils, ink pens, digital brushes and vector software. 

I started my professional career in illustration as a technical illustrator in aerospace after finishing my studies in Illustration and Design. I worked in this industry for 10+years before launching myself in freelance for the past year, where my focus has been on publishing, specifically children’s books but also on magazine submissions, packaging design, character design and greeting cards. 

In my corporate experience I worked on a variety of projects allowing me to use tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Flash,  Animate as well as manipulate code to edit HTML and CSS. I also had the opportunity to pitch the idea to build a customized web application tool for in-house use. This allowed me to be the Project Manager and Product Owner of a tool developed to be the collaboration hub for different professional roles and streamlining the creation process for building training content for eLearning and classroom environments. In this role, I worked closely with front and backend developers as well as all project stakeholders. With my versatile skills and ability to adapt and learn new tools, I quickly gained the respect of my peers and colleagues.

My art is inspired by the self-reflection of my experiences and how i see the world around me. I also have a vivid imagination and I choose to explore this aspect of myself through character creation.

My goal is to be passionate and excited about what I am creating and I want to contribute to projects and businesses that make content with a positive impact.

Feel free to email me directly rosinib6@gmail.com or fill out this contact form.