TransformationBorn and raised in Montreal, Barbara became interested in drawing and illustration at an early age. Since childhood, she has been using the visual realm to tell stories and make subtle yet powerful statements.

Drawing inspiration from the sculptural portrayal of the human figure of the Renaissance period, ornate architecture of the Baroque era and the sublime natural world of Romanticism, her subject matter reflect perspectives and emotions that Barbara embodies, transformed together to symbolize a vision of how she views the world.

While quite colorful in personality, Barbara prefers to work in tones of grey where the simplicity of the subject matter can be maintained and the message firmly fixed in the detail.

Barbara’s passion for creating has taken many forms. With a training in fine arts and graphic design, she began her professional career in technical drawing where she learned to apply the design concepts and visual structure in which she was trained.

Continuing to transform ideas and concepts into reality, Barbara’s role has evolved into product management for web application development where her passion for creating expands beyond visual design, encompassing broader concepts of modern application user experience.

Throughout Barbara’s journey in the digital world, her passions for traditional mediums such as graphite and ink pens have remained a constant.