About Me

My name is Barbara Rosini and i live in Montreal, Canada. I offer illustration services in both traditional and digital mediums which include but not limited to pencils, ink pens, digital brushes and vector software. 

I started my professional career in illustration as a technical illustrator in aerospace after finishing my studies in Illustration and Design. I worked in this industry for 10+years and I gained experience working on projects in application development, graphic design, eLearning and UI/UX design. In the past 2years i’ve worked on artistic projects, where i offered my services to publishing projects and packaging briefs, as well as created my own fun printed goods. 

I have experience using tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, Premiere, Adobe Fresco, as well as manipulate code to edit HTML and CSS. I am a versatile artist and i have the ability to learn new tools quickly.

My goal is to be excited about the work i do and in the process have a positive impact on people.

Feel free to email me directly or fill out this contact form.